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MRX® Product Information

The choice of professionals!

Look for the unique MRX® head mark for assurance and piece of mind in the toughest environments, available in a range of styles and sizes to suit every professional need.  MRX® has been supplied to many successful construction projects in Australia and throughout the world and is today used by several leading construction companies. 

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One piece stainless steel.

MRX® self drilling screws are made from a unique formulation of stainless steel alloy which unlike most other forms of stainless steel can be heat treated to obtain a hardness equivalent to tempered carbon steel screws.  Therefore MRX® is a “one-piece” stainless steel screw, where the entire effective length can be utilized.  The risk of fractures at welding seems (as per bi-metal alternatives) is entirely eliminated.

No surprises

You can always trust a MRX®.  When the demands are high we can guarantee that MRX® will perform exactly as we promise.  Every process is critically controlled to ensure high and consistent quality in material and performance.

Made to last

MRX® self drilling screws contain corrosion resistance properties equivalent to stainless steel grade 304.  Salt spray and Kesternich (sulphur dioxide) tests indicate the durability of MRX® is superior to 304 bi-metal screws (stainless head/shank with welded carbon steel point), stainless steel grade 410 self drilling screws and mechanically galvanized or organically coated carbon steel fasteners. 

Superb drilling performance

MRX® one-piece self drilling screws are engineered to exhibit superior drilling performance compared to other stainless self drilling screws and even carbon steel screws.  With the capacity to self drill steel up to 12.0mm thick, MRX® has proven itself as the market leader with more than 16 years experience in the toughest environments.

MRX® screws exhibit greater shear and pull-out strength compared to equivalent sizes manufactured from carbon steel.

MRX® can be identified by a four point star.