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Powder Coating + Washer Assembly

Having the capacity to produce coloured screws in-house ensures the greatest possible availability and quality for the products in Tri-Fixx's coloured screw range, including hex head self-drilling screws and Type 17 screws, available assembled with EPDM sealing washers and without.

Non standard colours and products are also available on request, please ask our sales team for more information. We can offer the fastest possible delivery times for special orders.

In addition to our powder-coating facility, Tri-Fixx operates fully automated custom made machines for assembling EPDM sealing washers to hex head self drilling screws. Designed to provide a watertight seal where the screw pierces roofing or cladding sheets, we use only the highest quality washers to ensure they meet the strength and sealing requirements of the Australian environment.

Commonly known as "neos" (even though they are not made of neoprene), EPDM sealing washers are a critical component in preventing water from penetrating where it shouldn't. We sell a wide range of pre-assembled screws to suit the most common applications. In addition, we can also assemble specialty sealing washers such as aluminium, galvanised and stainless steel bonded washers, cyclone washers, fibreglass washers and polycarbonate roofing washers and more.


Any Colour Any Fastener.
Tri-Fixx offers the fastest turn around possible for special orders.